All Original Project Seeks Musical Adventurers!
(pronounced Von-DIE-Lah)
Black Sabbath meets Switchblade Symphony but when we do folk off we sound very distantly like Blackmore's Night, old Tull, Beethoven, the house band of some 12th century tavern, etc. Dark, heavy but surprisingly progressive originals featuring extended range instruments, violin and cello (among other period instruments), occasional odd tunings, time signatures, very theatrical and medieval/magical/shamanistic concepts. (Vikings, King Arthur, GoT, D&D, LARP)
We're interns in a commercial recording studio, and have begun work on our first release as Vondhylla entitled "The Chronicles of Azrael".

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Jan 10 2016
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Over 100
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More than 3 times per week
50 years


Old school Metal such as Sabbath, Priest, Alice Cooper, Maiden to King Diamond, Pagan Altar, Within Temptation, Tristania, Jethro Tull, Folk Metal, real Folk music, 70's Fusion, Tool, light Classical. Old Genesis, Camel, Euro Metal like Immortal, Dimmu of course, also Doom such as Pentagram, Rituals of the Oak, St. Vitus, etc.

She thinks it's a Metal band, I think it's a Progressive band. We're both right.

Members Of Band

Beth: Vocals (she's a soprano but her chest voice is deep) , bass, keyboards, violin, Mac Head
Ed: Vocals (bass into almost a baritone and/or intelligible guttural), guitar, bass, keyboards, cello, percussion
We can read, write and cipher in most musical languages from sheet music to tab to fake book even the the midi editor enough to figure most things out.


Our project studio is reaching the point that we could actually cut something in it, we're at the drywall, Green Glue and Sonex point now, one step at a time. All of the sounds, themes and instruments discussed above are possible along with thousands more. When we're done with our internships we'll be ready to run here.


12-core 64g Mac Pro running Pro Tools 2019 and Digital Performer 10.2
Mac Book Pro 16g (2017)
Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt
Apogee Element 24
Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt
UA LA-610mk2
ART MPA (the little stompbox lookin' one)


Pro Tools 2019
Digital Performer 10.2
Slate Everything Bundle with both microphone software packs
Waves Horizon Bundle, SSL G & E desks (all of it including the bus compressor) NLS Summer, Abbey Road Collection, CLA packs, Brauer Motion, Maserati, etc
IK Multimedia T-Rax we have the complete Mastering Suite. It's stand-alone or VST, we use the plugs for everything and we master in it as well
EWQL we have the complete Platinum Symphony, the full Solo Instruments, Storm Drums 3 and a lot of the extra-weird producer packs including Ghost Writer, Ministry of Rock 2, Dark Side and others
Motu Mach-5 sampler with 50+ gig library, UFX packs and instruments
Steinberg Groove Agent 4 w/Simon Phillips expansion pack
Addictive Drums 1 & 2 Including about every midi pattern pack they make, not Hip Hop but about everything else, Rock, Metal, Classic, Blues, Jazz, Latin, etc. Many 3rd party loops and patterns as well, Odd Grooves, Groove Monkee and others
Addictive Keys
Aruturia V-Collection
Tons of other IK Multimedia stuff such as Sample Tank including a max version of Amplitube 4, both Miroslav Orchestra apps, Custom Shop stuff, etc
Everything included in the latest Pro Tools and Digital performer, some "street" plugs we picked up here and there, you get the idea.

In the Studio

JBL 308mk2 mid-fields and LSR310S Subwoofer
Thonet & Vander 6"x1" near-fields
IK Multimedia I-Loud
Bose "consumer reference" system
All hardware is patched and can be accessed from within the DAW or by other outboard gear
Samson S-Phone 4-channel headphone amp
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT-1990, Audio Technica, several different models.
Various DI and adapter boxes from Radial, Countryman, Cloudlifter and more
2 Se Reflexion filters (SPACE) and boxes of portable Auralex, a couple decent bass traps (Rockwool in steel stud)
We have a vast array of miscellaneous stage and studio gear from the 70's to brand new, some of it is museum grade, other pieces definitely saw the road. I don't know how cats are about gear, for me I use what works best, I don't care what the name or the "stats" are, ear test wins for me. So we have a Focusrite Green Range compressor, PreSonus ACP-88, stuff like that that we still use all the time, it was great then, it's great now. (you know, after cleaning all the pots)

Microphones (We also have the Slate modeling system, it's a discussion all its own, but if you go to Sweetwater you can see how it works, the point is that it's super-expandable and the actual mics are cheap once you have the system)

Neumann TLM-103
(2) Warm WA-87
AT-3060 tube
Shure SM-7B
Slate Digital VMS ML-1
(2) Slate Digital VMS ML-2
(2) Shure SM-57
Shure SM-58
Audix OM-5
Audix OM-7
Audix D-6
Audix D-4,
(3) Audix D-2
(2) AKG D112
Various and sundry drum and condenser mics, more than enough to do the entire acoustic drum kit (MXL, Superlux, etc)

Guitar Amps

All the Tube Amps were recently serviced by Full Custom in Lemoyne, PA. They are in 100% brand-new working order with new tubes and caps. They are presently set up in the studio, any combination of head and cabinet can be wired in seconds

Marshall JVM410c (100w, 2 unique English-made Celestions, made that way at the factory, the amp itself is 100% English-made, all tube) All of our Marshalls except the violin amp are English-made, but this one is newer and not all the newer ones are, some are made in Vietnam.
Marshall JCM-900 SL-X (100w master volume, just like it sounds, unbelievable fresh tubed Super Lead)
Marshall JCM-900 4100 Dual Reverb (100w, the slightly less Heavy Metal version of the SL-X)
Marshall 3110 Solid-State FET amp from the 70's
Marshall 35w solid state combo, she uses it for her electric violin but it does make some interesting guitar sounds too
Blackstar HT5-M, tube preamp, voiced for Metal, has some interesting sounds, onboard reverb, good effect loop
Peavey Musician MK3G 100w solid-state 70's do-everything well head

Guitar Cabinets

Marshall 1960A 4x12
Marshall JCM800 Lead 4x12
Fender Bassman 4x10
Peavey Musician 4x12 Cab

Bass Amps and Cabs

David Eden World Traveler 750w fully-parametric EQ, tube pre, it's corresponding full-stack is all David Eden (4x10 + horn and 1x15)
Ashdown all tube, hand-wired C-30 Tweed
Hartke 2x10 Cabinet
BBE 833 preamp combined with the "power amp du jour" and variety of speakers, there's the Hartke box, a couple 18's, etc (I used to play out with this setup back in the day, it can really get that 70's early 80's thing going)


Kawai upright piano (in excellent condition, often in tune!)
Ensoniq KT-88
Korg Karma
Korg Triton Rack
Korg X-3
Roland MKS-50
Yamaha TX-81Z
Nektar 88-key controller
And of course the Arturia suite, if there's a classic keyboard sound (and playing experience) you need or want, it's in there. Rhodes (I have a real one, this one is good) Hammond B3, Synclavier, it's all there. Moog, Prophet, etc. The 88-key Nektar controller directly maps as well, so the knobs and wheels all work.


Tama Rockstar Configurable to have up to 4 22" kicks (we use one as a gong drum), 6 mounted and 2 floor toms, full set of 8 Octobans, all Zildjian classic everything made out of metal, All Tama rack and hardware including 2 Iron Cobra bass pedals, high hat and Cobra Clutch. Some of the heads may need something, replaced, flipped, etc. but all the parts are there and it rocks.
Roland TD-50 Electronic kit. Top of the line Roland, built to be a duplicate of the Tama set. It really does have true double bass (we got the other KD-114, it's not in the pictures yet), 8 toms, 6 cymbals and the SPD-30 which can "be" the Octo's. To see how we got the exact sound of the acoustic kit, check out Steinberg's Groove Agent, the Simon Phillips expansion pack. Simon's kit that they used for that software is basically our acoustic set, it's almost a dead-on match sound-wise.
3 Djembe's, the small one is 6", the middle one 8", the largest one is 16" and stands 26" tall
Indian Tabla
Irish Bodhran It's a big one and has a very deep bass sound, extremely resonant and lively
36" Zildjian Concert Gong
A general collection of of Latin and Orchestral pieces, maracas, triangle, blocks and chimes

The PA System

Tascam DM-24 Digital Mixer
(3) PreSonus Digimax preamps
PreSonus ACP-88 comp/gate (8-channel)
Power amps including Ashly (3), Fender and others
(2) Ashly 15 band EQ
Outboard effects including (2) Digitech DSR24's (S Disc models) and many others, Alesis, Korg, Yamaha
Bose Model L1 Model 2 with B2 Bass and T-1 Tone Module
(2) 2x15+1" Radial Horn mains (They're Fender branded)
(2) 1x18 A/C subs
(2) 1x12+horn A/C flown cabs
(2) Yamaha S-115V Oak
(3) Peavey 1x12+H floor wedges (one is self-powered, 150w)
1000 lb capacity hand truck

Everything is either made of heavy solid wood or in FTA Flight Cases, we have a 16' box trailer and newer one ton pickup as well. No lights (part of the band divorce) but we still have the fogger and the gargoyles!!