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I'm looking for Peter Pan never grow up "rockers"who look and act kewl.
Never had my Human Resource Training or never had a smartypants phone or any "apps".
Some people consider me pretty antisocial.
Maybe I can get a "band" together and play for a community Pantheistic festival sponsored by the local bankers and community stakeholders.
That's what all the cool people do these days. . Or maybe play for drunks who sit on their warm stool in a bar.
Just want to do some open mics see how it go for now play and get the hell out of there as quick as possible. If the claps are good then there are are other options later.

I'm more of a culture researcher than a musician.
I don't want to play for the same reason"musicians" do but more for a LARP.

I'm taking into account that our MANY"genres" we have been fed since the 60's created generational splintering. We all know the so called music Industry is a private club,and we ain't in it.
To know all these genres were created to control us and degrade us,then why try to imitate our subjugators?
The 1st US music idol was created by Edward L Bernays the father of PR. Enrico Caruso. Major Bands are what's called "Soft Power".
Does anyone really think the 60's songs are that great? Why do they still play them in grocery stores 50 years later?
I heard Little Red Rooster played over the Grocery store speakers. A song about a wiener. The filthier the world gets the more puritan I become.
The community stakeholders get bands to play that to keep the herd happy. Transport them to the past when they were young and didn't know anything and ignorance was bliss. It creates Temporal Imbalance.
That's why the 60's hippie music which was created in a military film studio for us in Laurel Canyon and had people going to the pig farm in Woodstock is SO IMPORTANT for them to keep alive.
The genres that followed became more and more debased.
Look at Smiley Myrus twerkin it! So...if you are aware of this and it was all fake (known this since 2000) and not trying to be a "hit" then playing is more fun. It's more authentic.

Only been to about 4 "concerts" in my life.
Didn't like waiting in line to park the car,waiting in line to get in and get out. The smells of all those people was like cattle. Some drunk some doped up some vomitting from the balcony on other attendees.
You could hardly see the band,and it sounded like crap compared to the record.
I saw Suzane Vega in a very small venue once. That was nice. She would talk inbetween the songs. That was the only concert I ever saw I liked. Otherwise ....moo
Have played open mics in the Chicagoland area before escaping to the rural area and got the claps for unusual songs.

Sheep No More

Yee Haw
Ain't got no genre.
There will be no hanky panky. Not here for a date but a research LARP
See Gustave LeBon "The Crowd". It's far easier to control a crowd,than it is an individual. That's the purpose of the "music industry". I look at the audience as my personal lab rats. Instead of promoting phony charity (corporate tax break havens that spend the bulk of the money they mooch for administration) I'd like to push Industrial Hemp. It's the answer to the plastics contamination of our environment.
It melts safely in landfills and even the oceans and the with thousands of products like concretes lumber textiles,food,CBD, and thousands of other products hemp is superior to their counterparts. It's legal to grow now. People talk about the "weed" but not Industrial hemp. Or even in the last 15 years people don't even know how many genders there are. All of the sudden they just figured it out! Everybody else was stupid for thousands of years I guess.
Thank goodness for the perception management experts that can define reality for everyone.

And abortion is considered reproductive health now.
It's not non linear warfare against families. It's healthy! Like drinking a Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie
And the bands play on.....
Kooky huh?

People may be offended at what I wrote. Those are the people this was intended to weed out saving a lot of time for both of us.
Perception management and non linear warfare works both ways. I don't expect many to want to play the game.
(Staying just outside of occupied Dixon indefinitely)

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