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i'm a singer/songwriter/composer type guy looking to form a band to play something heartfelt, honest, original, and interesting in an indie-rock/pop vein. any instrument is fine, as long as you're proficient at it, open-minded, and serious about playing in a fun rock band! i have lots of songs/ideas to bring to the table, and i'm open to hearing yours.

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Mar 05 2005
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i like a lot of music, from classic rock, indie-rock, metal, country, folk, old classical, modern classical, traditional jazz, modern jazz, experimental music, etc. most of what i write though is rock tunes with an emphasis on melody, lyrics that are honest but hopefully not cheesy, and interesting arrangements. i'm not sure what to compare it to. reviewers have described it as "emo, but not", which means basically nothing except that i have "poppy" sort of voice and my songs are upbeat and catchy. emo has a negative connotation as being whiney and lyrically self-indulgent, which i do not think i am. but you be the judge!

(please check out the samples of some things i've recorded in the past year. some of it's in rough mix form, but you'll get the picture.)


* guild starfire iv re-issue (semi-hollow thingy) through an ibanez tube screamer (the green one!) into a fender 60's twin reverb re-issue (wish i had more pedals!)
* guild acoustic/electric
* squire bronco bass
* ibanez classical
* cool basement project studio in Milford, NH