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I'm in a punk rock/alternative band..2 girls..2 guys..so far.We have 2 guitarst,bassist,and drummer.No singer though,and as most of you know,you can't really have a band without a singer.It's pretty hard.So,that brung me to this place.Were trying to find one that is preferably a guy,ha,we like guy singers..Me and the other guitarist are Green Day fans,and our drummer and bassist are Tool fans.Not so much of the same styles of music,so it's kinda hard to come together.and the drummer and bassist live in Norman,other guitarist lives in Guthrie and I live in Oklahoma City..so thats also hard..but we still make it..but anyways..I guess I would say our influences are Green Day,Smashing Pumpkins,Tool,and A Perfect Circle.We try to be a different as possible.Each song sounds alot different than the last.So email me if your a singer who like our influences,and if you live in the Oklahoma City area.PLEASE!

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