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"The Way of the Lords" is what the WuLords stand for. Coming with high powered energy, elite lyrical ability and golden hip hop quality, the Wu Lords shows the world what a true UNDALRD is. UNDALRDS (pronounced Under lords) is the movement the Wu Lords founded and represent. It stands for real hip hop coming back to the masses; Giving people a new definition of good music and stopping at nothing to do it. They stop at nothing because that is the way of the UNDALRDS.
An UNDALRD has high perseverance and follows codes like L.I.N.A.O. (Losing Is Not An Option) and N.P.O.S. (No Problems Only Solutions). These codes get the UNDALRDS to their goals no matter what they may be. People who enjoy the Wu Lords, true hip hop, high
quality of music and the message that the Wu Lords bring is automatically apart of the UNDALRDS movement. People ask how the UNDALRDS name came up. The UNDALRDS name stands for "Lords of the Underground" UNDALRDS feel with the codes like L.I.N.A.O. they have no competition. They believe if you put your mind to a certain goal and work everyday to enhance your craft, no matter what it is, you can accomplish that goal. Any obstacles or any problems can be solved. Solutions are meant to cancel out a Problem. Every Problem has a Solution. Therefore there are No Problems Only Solutions (N.P.O.S.) you just need to seek out the solutions. If you fall, get back up and keep going. The only person that can defeat you, is you.
People ask why UNDALRDS is spelled the way it is. Is it an acronym?...no...Did you guys make a mistake on merchandise or something then decided to keep it to cover it up?...no. UNDALRDS spell their name a certain way for a specific reason. Notice that UNDALRDS don't spell their name with an 'O'. That is because the 'O' represents the founders' indestructible circle of brotherhood, and the bond that the UNDALRDS have with true hip hop and real music. This 'O' carries the soul of the UNDALRDS without the 'O' the UNDALRDS would not exist. The UNDALRDS represents the 'O' so much that they feel that they don't need to put in their name. Instead they took it out of the movement's name and made a whole new name for it. That is where the Wu Lords come in. Notice the 'O' is included in the name.
Wu Lords' name was inspired by the founders' greatest inspiration, a hip hop legendary group that goes by the name of Wu Tang. The Wu Tang Clan displays true hip hop, elite lyrical content and chemistry that blow people's minds. If you ever gone to a Wu Tang concert you would notice that when they rap, they sound like one person. They speak in unison and they have one sound. The UNDALRDS were fascinated by that. They studied Wu Tang especially their single "Triumph" from their 1997 album "Wu Tang Forever". They studied this song because this song had 8 of the 9 members blazing the beat back to back. No chorus, no hook, just pure skill. A 6 minute song that hit the radio and tv as single was unheard of. The Wu Tang Clan didn't care, they did the impossible. UNDALRDS respected that. In the Wu Tang name "Wu" is the way and "Tang" is the slang. The UNDALRDS took the Wu and put it in the 'O's name because the Wu Lords shows the way of the UNDALRDS hence the saying "The Way of the Lords". They display the message of the UNDALRDS to the masses and wave the flag of the movement. The flag is called the Swag Rag. They wear the Swag Rag in their back pockets to pay respect to the movement. At the show the fans wave the Swag Rags in the air like Terrible Towels to show their love. True fans would wear the Swag Rags in their back pockets as well in everyday life. The Wu Lords even displays the movement's hand signs. The most used hand sign that people identify with is the "Universal Love Sign" (UL'S). That's when your index finger, pinky, and thumb are extended. This sign represents the love you have for music, hip hop, the world, and yourself. Another hand sign is when you make the UL'S with both hands and connect them at the thumbs. People even cross their arms so that the UL'S are facing themselves. That is the Wu Lords hand sign. These are a couple ways the members and supporters represent.
This is a little taste of the UNDALRDS movement and a little taste of the the Leaders, the Wu Lords. This is more than just music, it's a full movement that shows the elite. If you love music, and real hip hop; if you strive for your goals and work hard everyday to achieve them; and you love yourself, throw the UL'S up in the sky and join the movement and follow the Wu Lords through the world of the UNDALRDS

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