I am looking for a drummer to play nasty, warm, dynamic, vintage leaning grooves to fill out the low end of near fully conceptualized project Called Buffalo Wars. 20 plus original songs that I jokingly call “Folk-Core”. It’s really a rootsy early punk based rock with tinges of blues and old country. Heavy on the retro vibes, plenty of grit and beat driven. Not as fast and aggressive as what most define as punk, more like old garage rock I guess. I and another Bandmix member have been working on this material for a few months and really need the third member to bring it together. I am mainly a songwriter/singer/guitarist who dabbled in bass, Banjo, drums and recording. I’ve played in mostly original rootsy punk rock, a mildly shoegaze metal, indy prog-core, Bluegrass, and a few temporary loose cover and original bands as a lead singer/guitarist/composer and band leader of sorts if you will. I have had all the goodies to completely outfit two groups at a time but have sold off a bit of equipment in the last few years of my semi-retirement of being married and raising kids. I build my own Fender Telecaster clones at this point since I can’t afford to spend whole paychecks at music stores anymore. I’ve retained one PA, one guitar rig(I also have begun to build two tube amps to not lug around my favorite half stack) one bass rig, two drum kits, and about 1/4 of my recording gear in preparation to not leave playing music behind forever. I have been collecting tone, riffs, hooks, phrases, verses, choruses, ideas, and songs for at least 6 years of having kids and leaving a bluegrass band behind and about 10 from killing my pride project behind.
I have been procrastinating for far too long on finding some like minded fools with the same affliction to share my original works and maybe have fun with cool songs that strike our fancy. Looking for a drummer and bass player who love old music but are open appreciaters of others for something simple and maybe unique.

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Seriously? Far too many to list and always adding and evolving. I am really just a geek about everything that doesn’t suck which is a looooooooooooot, no seriously.

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51 Nocaster, 54 Esquire, 64 Custom Telecaster, 67 Walnut “smugglers” Tele, 51 precision bass, 1955 Harmony hollow body a sunburst Flying V and my trusty ancient SS Stewart Banjo.
Ah my old vintage Tweed covered Peavey Duece ll 4x12 half stack.
Unfinished home brew DYI fender Bandmaster 3x10
and fender Twin 2x12, someday I’ll get re-inspired, ha!