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Let me just give you a little Introduction of myself... I lived in Miami most of my life, Started playin Guitar or at least tried around sixth grade, couldn't grasp on to it and then stopped until about 8th grade. I then Picked up the Bass for this Hardcore ( Poisen the well type influence ) Band named " Cheech" who was in desperate need of a bass player. The guitarist who had been playin for 15 yrs taught me a great deal but then the band broke up over stupid sh*t around my sophmore year. I continued learning different styles as well as practicing scales. I then Hooked up with two of my best friends who one played guitar and the other a singer and created a band wich later was called " Bitter Scilence ".
After my good friends left the band and counless number of changing musicians
I later left the band and moved here to Frisco with my Family.
Been playin ever scine.
And play rythim guitar too.

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May 31 2006
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For playing Bass my Influnces are Jaco Pastorus (Bad ass bass man), Rex Brown (PanterA), cliff burton (Metallica), and Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse)

Music inspiring influence
Phillip Anselmo
Death Metal


Hartke 2500H Head 250 watts
Hartke 4'10'' TP series Cab 350 watts
2 Ibanez 5-strings
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all with EMG pick ups
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