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What is this project, what are these rough sounding demos all about, at the bottom of the page? ZMS was an idea that I had since the mid-90s. Life got in the way and nothing came of it, it rested in some cerebral closet for a long time. Jump a couple decades into the future, a band was formed, only to have it stall once the world got weird. It was hard for everyone to keep the momentum and interest going during such time. I started recycling some old demos I had, came up with several new ones and decided to keep the project going as an original thing on my own.

So what's next? I love the creative process! I'm a studio rat, I love recording, the whole creative and collaborative process gasms my brain. These demos are currently being tracked in Reaper in my makeshift studio (a literal garage band), and are not indicative of the final product conceptually. I'm a huge fan of collaboration. Beautiful things are born out of a collaborative process than out of a single mind, in my opinion.

So what am I looking for? Like-minded musicians. A keyboardist, someone that groove and create atmospheric textures. A bassist who knows how to groove, knows how to keep the bottom end round, and is a drummer's best friend! What about a guitarist? How about someone who can play her like an angel, or make her scream like a demon, but not someone who shreds needlessly. Not looking for a talent show, but I am looking for someone who can take a song to the next level. And with all three asks, I think backing vocals is a necessity. Choruses are a thing, everyone loves a sing along!

So what's the point? I think that's the most important question of all. The point is to do it. To get together, to make something beautiful, to capture that moment and spirit, and to release it out into the world, and see if the world responds. To write some good music, to exorcise (or exercise, whichever works for you) that inner demon, to play some deep cut covers, maybe get out in front of a person or two and entertain on a Friday and Saturday night here and there. At my age, it's amazing that I still hold on to this thing like I did in my 20s, and hold on to that belief in music like I did as a teenager. No, no delusions of grandeur, just fulfilling a promise to myself that music is important, it should be written, and it should be given out for anyone who wants to listen. And I think that's pretty fu*king rad.

So, if you've given all the tracks a fair listen, if they resonate with you in some way, and if it's something you want to be a part of reach out and get in touch (mark at weachnet dot com). If not, thanks for stopping by and giving it a few minutes to bounce around in your brain... Look for the updated complete tracks, they'll be completed in some time.

Thank you for your time!

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There are so many sounds from so many artists whom influence this thing, here are a few:

Foo Fighters
Alice In Chains
Black Sabbath
Faith No More
Them Crooked Vultures
Earth Wind & Fire
Anything Motown
Def Leppard
Zakk Wylde as himself
Black Label Society (such an awesome band)
Bacon, anything with bacon!
The Desert and The Desert Sessions
Desert Nights
Fleetwood Mac
The number 3, but only in a waltz...
Hmmm, what else?

Members Of Band

Markus - Lead Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Drum sequencing

Jonathan - Drums


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