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Main gear- 48ch Otari Concept Elite console-automation, total recall, fully outfitted for Surround(5.1,7.1), Antelope Eclipse converters,Samplitude and Nuendo multitrack software, Wavelabs mastering software, 21x21 live room w/isobooth, Neumann mics, live room has great vibe.
I'm a producer-let me produce your next project. Let me know how we can help turn your ideas into reality and your vision into direction.
Also, for the film and tv industry, we do score tracking and mixing, as well as live show remixing. Bands- have your youtube videos jump to the top in ratings by getting them remixed to sound as close to a studio recording as possible. If you spend the money on a great video shoot, make sure the sound is as over the top as the video.
Film score composers, let this be your music production facility.We can be mixing your already scored material while you work on the unfinished ones.
Audio books( voiceover with bed music) is another product we've produced. For the advertising business, we do any type of voiceover to music bed ads,radio ads,podcasts, and even entire radio shows(vocal breaks with songs).Let us know how we can help.

Mixing- I offer mixing of your previously tracked projects, wave format, which you can send via Dropbox, Filezilla, or just mail me an outboard hard drive. You never know, I just might have some combination of gear that will make your sound be all you thought it could be.
Feel free to call any time if you want to check out the place or talk to see about setting something up.
Touring bands- My place is less than 1/2 mile from I-26 about half way between Asheville,NC and Spartanburg,SC. Why not take a day(you're traveling anyway)and track the new stuff you've been working on while you've been out. I need to know 2 wks in advance prior to your arrival as I gig too.
One of the things I've always done with clients in multiple industries is analyze their situation for problems and provide answers for solutions. Maybe your career seems like it is stuck- you can't seem to advance to the next level. Or you have personnel problems you don't know how to fix. You may have a bunch of great songs that don't seem to go- could you be trying to perform them in the wrong style? These are a sampling of problems that need resolving before success can happen. You need to be on a solid foundation in all areas so you can truly be successful. Let me know if I can help you in any way. [email protected]

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