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I grew up playing metal.....and I'd like to play something that still incorporates some of the really heavy stuff....... but......... with a lot more melodic parts, acoustic parts, some textural passages, maybe some bluesy parts and whatever else comes up.......basically no limits. I don't want it to be a metal band but I would like it to get moderately heavy….…but only at times.

Dynamics is the key. Heavy, mellow, fast, slow, happy, sad, light, dark….I love that stuff. I love when music can make people close their eyes and really get into it one minute and the next minute they find themselves jumping up around.

I have a career so I'm not looking to play out very often but who knows? Right now I'm just looking to get together and see where things go.

As far as playing goes:
Drummer: I'd love to find a drummer that can keep it simple when it calls for it and go off when the time is right. I love tribal drums and lots of tom work to really build a song up.

Bass: I'm almost looking for a lead bass. Something that isn't just doubling what the guitars are doing. It can be completely different but complimentary. The bass just shouldn't be a background element here.

Guitar: I can play *some* lead but I'd really like to find someone that can play the things I can't. That's not to say I want a shred guitarist that is dripping with technique. In fact, it's the opposite. Feel and mood is much more important to me than impressing the other guitarists out there.

Keyboards: I've never played with a keyboard player before so I don't really know what I'm looking for but it would probably be something that can add to the overall sound of the band.

Vocals: Totally open but no screaming.

In a nutshell, I'd like for the band to have no limits. A band where there is no "lead" player. Everyone will have parts where they're the focus, they step up and step back and get back into the song. The music is the focus, not the players. It can be the whole band playing at one time or just one person. Whatever the song calls for. Again, it's all about the dynamics.

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New Model Army, Tool, Pink Floyd, Ramones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix, Rush, Bad Religion, Green Day, Priest, Maiden, Accept, Scorpions, Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura, Death, My Dying Bride, Smithereens, Indigenous, R.E.M...…..

Metal, blues, rock, hard rock, punk, surf, progressive etc.

Pretty much everything at this point. I'm very open minded.


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