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I began on kit drums playing American Rock, English Pop & Motown, now I play TABLA to those styles. TABLA ~ the only drums in the world without any conflicting overtones. My goal ..enhance creativity while complimeting your sound.

Playing TABLA to Rock, Pop, & R&B is unheard of until now, as I blend TABLA's unique tones and pitches to Todays Music with a Melodic approach to rhythm ~ it's Rhythmic Poetry !

=} I'm EverReady for Gigs Touring Recording

It's all about sound ~ let me take your sound where its never been before.

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Gifted Artists, Singers, Musicians, Composers & Creator's throughout history with the Genius to provide Entertainment.

..Great music is Great in any style!

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Sorry for the amount of info below, but there's so much info about TABLA, the instrument; it's history; how these drums have been used in the past; and how I'm applying TABLA's sound to today's Rock, Pop & R&B as this is an amazing percussive instrument.

I have Tabla's in all keys as Tabla is tuned to the Key of the song (Tabla is the only tuned percussion instrument in the world without any conflicting overtones) All my Tabla's have a beautiful sweet tone.

The right hand drum the "Dayan" has a shell made of the highest quality Shisham Rosewood and three quarters of the Dayan is solid rosewood.

The "Bayan" (the left hand Bass drum) is made of heavy copper or heavy metal shell for deep rich tone. Each Tabla (Dayan & Bayan) have goat skin drum heads (called "Pudi's"), with a round black dot "Gab" (made of gum paste and iron fillings) on the center of the skins to provide open sustaining and closing of notes, and to also provide excellent tone.

In the early 1970's, drum kit manufactures started to put a plastic black dot on the center of the plastic drum heads .. this black dot was on Tabla's centuries ago! As an fyi, Tabla and Indian Classical music began in the 13th century, when music was for meditation and healing, now, music is used for entertainment.

When Mic'd, Tabla's sound ranges from soft bells like for Folk or Acoustic music, to rhythmic chuk-kas with funk, to sweet tones for smooth sexy R&B, to a heavy metallic metal sound harder than Rock. Tabla can enhance your music and bring a new dimension to your sound.

I also play Roland's HandSonic (pictured under "Photos"), which is played with the finger tips on several small pads, similar to playing TABLA. The HandSonic has every percussion instrument in the world (from African, Asian, Latin, Indian, Dance, to Orchestral, etc), including all Electronic effects, as well as 14 full Drum Kits ~ALL SOUNDS ARE THE REAL THING. It takes less then 5 minutes to set up or break down, and takes less room on stage than a drum kit.

I have a TABLA stand for clubs; also a Tabla Stage Platform, takes up 3 ft Sq. (16" high or 12" high) and folds in half for easy travel. I have all necessary equipment from quality mic's (1 mic each for Dayan and Bayan for Stereo Panning), and Amps for Tabla and the HandSonic.

Please, serious inquires, however, I will consider any interesting creative musical situation. The genres noted above are preferred, I Love Indian Classical Music, but I play RAWK ..& Funk Pop R&B.

Connect with me at: PolySutra (at) hotmail dot com