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UPDATE: I have a December gig booked for art murmur/first friday in a great gallery. dissonant guitar and melodic female vocals. A drummer will play along with the guitar emphasizing timing changes. This will likely sound like Sunn 0))) with female vocals and no synth.

We have the music, the guitarist, and the singer. We need a good improvisational drummer. This is very much an ear gig. fancy chops matter less than timing, expressiveness, and a good musical sense.

santarchy/holiday themed attire encouraged. pay is nonexistant, drinking on the job is acceptable as long as you are not a mean or sad drunk. actually, a drunken weeping drummer dressed as a reindeer would be awesome, so sad is ok.

this could turn into occasional arty gigs, maybe one every few months, where much effort is put into making each one a fun and unique event. quality over quantity.


I have a pretty clear idea of what kind of sound I am looking for. I want substantial music.

Something along the lines from rocktronica, and trip-hop to synth-y rock. Prominent female vocals, quiet feedbacking dissonance from guitar, melodic and rhythmic synth, and solid bass and drums.

Female vocals - anything from Mazzy Star to P.J. Harvey, whatever works best for the singer. I want raw energy without shouting. Content over form.

keyboard with an analog synth sound or something similar.

guitar that trades lead and rhythm duties with the keyboard and adds quiet noise and dissonance. Solid timing, sustaning feedback, allowing the vocals to stay out front without strain.

Drums: generally regular trap drums have more impact live, but I love the look and the volume control of a live drummer on an electronic set, so open to anything there.

solid bass, at whatever level of complexity or simplicity as long as it's solid. Bass and drums make tailfeathers shake.

structurally i favor both simple songs with lots of room to add detail, and complex structure that depend on exacting execution to impact. over all though, i tend to prefer the simple/creative over the technical.

i tend to shy away from songs about romance in favor of anything else, though i have a weakness for songs about debauchery and decadence. darkness!

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UPDATE: SUNN 0))), Electric Wizard.

Blonde Redhead, Mazzy Star, P.J. Harvey, scissor sisters, Sonic Youth, Portishead, Zero 7, The Eels, Goldfrapp, Soho Dolls, 8mm, Ween, Royksopp, Wolfsheim, Amy Mann, Günter, Dandy Warhols, Muse, and many others. Elliot Smith, Frank Zappa, The Knife, Robyn, uh... lots of others.

Members Of Band

Currently myself and a great female vocalist.

Generally there is only myself, but I have founded bands before, so I feel confident that this is a band waiting to be created.


Steinberger guitar, old Bassman amp, lots of pedals, and a van.

im pretty aware of my gear, and take the time to set up and maintain it. this may sound geeky or missing the point, but im handy with a soldering iron, know how to run basic sound and p.a., and in general keep my gear in good order. i realize this is not some great skill, but it beats not having a grip on the tech.

Reheasal at soundwave studios in west oakland works for me, unless a better option is available.